Franche – Comté : Dole

The many charms of Franche-Comté 

Dole, ancient capital of la Comté, doorway to the Jura and birthplace of Pasteur, situated in the heart of a marvellous region gifted with one of the most beautiful navigation areas offering a very large choice of cruising: le canal du Rhône to the Rhin (in fact it's the Doubs) with Besançon and citadel of Vauban, Baume les Dames, the charm of Comtois villages and market towns, wild beauty of fauna and flora in the superb deeply embanked valleys. You can cruise upstream one way to Port sur Saône or Champigny-Lès-Langres or the Burgundy canals beyond Saint-Jean-de-Losne.

The attractions:

A crossroads of rivers for an exceptional choice of cruises
Delicious cheese and wines
The wild beauty of a still intact nature

Our fleet:

  • Confort: NICOLS 900 DP – 1100 – 1350B
  • Sedan: NICOLS PRIMO - 1000 – 1010 – 1160N - 1170 –1310
  • On-board pool

Our cruise suggestions:

1 week:

Dole / Baume-les-Dames and back
Dole / Ray-sur-Saône and back
Oneway possible between Dole and Port-sur-Saône


  • Motorway A 36, Paris 370 km
  • Station: TGV, Dole 1 km
  • Airport: Lyon 200 km